What we are?

Most organizations today find it difficult to focus on a myriad set of functions, while striving to build reputation as quality service providers.

While some institutions struggle to hire effective human resources, others grapple with the lack of know-how on team management, setting up effective systems, including sales and marketing, and other administrative issues.

Rest assured – NSPIRA is here

We are focussed on guiding and handholding budding, upcoming and seasoned businesses scale up their current operations with emphasis on achieving business excellence by leveraging technology and bringing in professionalism to every organizational process.

Our numerous years of proven experience in the Indian business management space, building and managing national brands synonymous with quality education equips us with extensive and in-depth know-how needed to empower diverse business organizations.

  • Asia's largest educational institutions Narayana schools are now in eastern India-West Bengal.

  • Nspira made NARAYANA set unparallel record in different national & international exams at school level(2015-16)

Nspira spread it's services and solutions over different sector's like software solutions, transportation, catering, management services etc.

We can help you do the following:

  • Create the blueprint for achieving your vision and mission.
  • Attract and retain the right talent for your organization through innovative HR practices including competency management, organizational policies, OD interventions, and compensation and benefits administration practices.
  • Identify the training needs of your employees and train them to achieve higher levels of job performance.
  • Set up enterprise resource planning tools to smoothen the functioning of various departments.
  • Design, develop and implement OD interventions customized specifically to the needs of your organization, built on the latest instructional methodologies, which are learner-centric.
  • Build e-learning modules that your learners can access from anywhere, and enhance their learning process.
  • Leverage technology to streamline various functions including inventory management, transportation and logistics, facilities management and administration through benchmarked quality parameters and performance metrics.
  • Build your organizational brand through various PR campaigns, advertising, promotion and marketing strategies.