NSPIRA Management Services Private Limited offers customized services to organizations that aim for professional excellence; though the primary focus is educational institutions, NSPIRA is equipped with the wherewithal to assist businesses in various domains, including IT, Education, retail and the manufacturing sector.

We provide end-to-end solutions for all your requirements, including Staffing, Organizational Development interventions, IT infrastructure, Sales & Marketing, Facilities Management, as well as the entire administrative function.

Our products and services provide the right steroids for your organization to ensure that accelerated business growth happens with optimized costs and effective utilization of infrastructure.

While you focus on your core strengths, we complement your existing processes with streamlined approaches based on innovation, dynamism and result-orientation.

  • Asia's largest educational institutions Narayana schools are now in eastern India-West Bengal.

  • Nspira made NARAYANA set unparallel record in different national & international exams at school level(2015-16)

Nspira spread it's services and solutions over different sector's like software solutions, transportation, catering, management services etc.

By engaging our services, you will be able to leverage proven strategies and techniques to grow your organization and build unbeatable reputation as one of leading thought leaders in your own field.

In brief, we help you embrace technology and convert each of your pain points into value propositions that will ensure a paradigm shift, resulting in your organization securing a place among the ranks of leading and pioneering performance oriented organizations in the world!