It is a new age digital learning solution developed by NSPIRA, exclusively for Narayana Group of Schools. The device has made a paradigm shift in the field of education, and is poised to change the face of technology in the Indian education sector.

The revolutionary tablet facilitates learning ‘on-the-go,’ equipping learners with the latest digital content as per their curriculum and learning needs.

  • N-spira made to explode Asia's largest educational institutions Narayana schools are now in eastern India-West Bengal.

  • N-spira made NARAYANA set unparallel record in different national & international exams at school level(2015-16)

N-spira spread it's services and solutions over different sector's like software solutions, transportation, catering, management services etc.

The following are a couple of salient features of this product:

  • Facilitates in-class experience anywhere and anytime, without limiting learning.
  • A complete solution designed specifically with competitive exams and college readiness in mind.
  • Provides tools that enhance student learning, improve engagement and motivation, and increase test scores.
  • Facilitates real-time assessment tools, which provide instant feedback to teachers student-wise, group-wise and class level-wise.
  • Allows real-time creation, review and distribution of assessments.
  • Provides portable learning content, enhanced classroom curriculum with multiple digital objects such as 3D videos, concept maps and cool facts, supported by a unique technology to create actionable insights about the learners’ progress
  • Enables teachers to easily plan lessons, prepare assignments, push notifications, share multimedia resources and quickly check students’ level of understanding and performance.
  • Permits direct connectivity the institution’s information servers through Wi-Fi.